Vision & Mission / History


Inspired by DepEd guiding philosophy of quality education for all; The Holy Infant Academy of Muntinlupa Inc. shall continuously develop learners, cognitively prepared and technologically equipped with skills necessary to meet the needs of this highly competitive world, spiritually and socially matured and environmentally concerned to be able to play his part as a responsible co-creator of the world he lives in.


The Holy Infant Academy of Muntinlupa Inc., is committed in the formation, transformation and reformation of the students through quality education in an effective academic and organizational climate that well promote self-sufficiency and responsible citizenship; and also provide the best learning in the eight of reason illumined by the Christian faith and doctrines to perfect the moral formation and spiritual growth of the students.



The School HOLY INFANT ACADEMY came about when a group of parents on a meeting of the Sapphire Hills Women’s Association in March 8, 1979 raised the need of a school inside the Victoria Homes Subdivision for their children.
Inspired by the parents support, Mrs. Sally Palec Olivar opened a Nursery/Kindergarten class at her residence on an experimental venture on the 16th of June on the same year. She named it HOLY SPIRIT LEARNING CENTER which accommodated 5(five) Nursery pupils and 15(fifteen) kindergarten pupils under the tutelage of Mrs. Rebecca R. Baldoz whose seven (7) years of teaching experience from the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila made the venture a success.
The need for elementary and secondary education in the community and nearby subdivisions prompted Mrs. Olivar to pursue her long-range plan of providing a complete educational institution in the area.
Through God’s grace Mrs. Olivar was granted lot-purchase by Mr. Ricardo Reyes, owner-president of Victoria Homes Subdivision on January 20, 1980 totaling to 10,080 square meters. (5,000 for elementary and 5,080 reserve for future High School Department Expansion).
On the same date a mass (with cornerstone laying of the school) was officiated by Rev. Fr. Efren Rivera, Rector for Central Seminary, University of Sto. Tomas, Manila with unexpected overwhelming attendance of parent-residents of said subdivision, and with the presence of the five religious sisters of the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila.
Naming the school HOLY INFANT ACADEMY was again given God’s grace. The original name was HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL, however, in the process of preparing the documents, what came out was HOLY INFANT ACADEMY, slip of the typist’s finger or working under God’s inspiration, Mrs. Olivar did not insist on her desire to name it HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL, because on the same day she received a gift of marble frame for the Holy Infant Academy given by a friend. There were trying circumstances along the way. But its time she has problems, she read bibles for guidelines and there was voice each time that said “Go ahead I will always be with you” and she know, God was pushing her gently. And she resolved herself to follow Him and build the school and did everything no matter what people say. There were a lot of painful side comments thus; of course that she gave everything to the Lord.
She approaches a hardware-store through Mrs. Olivarez whom really don’t know, but the couple give her a credit line worth Php. 100,000.00 to start building a school. She got lumber, hallow blocks, cements and many other just to complete unfinished 7 (seven) classroom. More people came to help her. June 16, 1980 Holy Infant Academy was formally opened. We got 136 (one hundred thirty six) enrollees from Nursey up to Grade VI with the help of the Principal Mrs. Lydia Bernales, the school was very well on its way. More support came; friends donated books for the library and kitchen tables, etc., materials for the Home Economics. More parents send their children to this school investing trust & friendship, Mrs. Olivar worked harder than even being an administrator, accountant and canteen in-charge and everything all that the same time because she is also a graduate of Secretarial, commerce & Education and pursuing her MBA and MA Major in Management & Administrators at CEU & Sto Tomas, Manila
The following years, enrolment increased tremendously including high school, Mrs. Olivar purchased three(3) buses to fetched students from Soldier’s Hill, Villa Carolina, United San Pedro, Pacita Complex and of course Victoria Homes Subdivision, Muntinlupa. On the 3rd year of operations 1st year and 2nd year high school levels were opened. On April 24, 1982 a two store building with 4 (four) classrooms were constructed, the playground area was cemented, the concrete fencing was completed and a permanent stage with 2 (two) adjacent classroom was constructed through the help of PTA and a launching of beauty contest.
School year 1983-1984 on its 4th year operation Holy Infant Academy completed its 3rd and 4th Year secondary course.
1985-1986 Mrs. Olivar opened a branch in Muntinlupa Proper which became very successful. But due to jealousy many schools started operating at Muntinlupa even without a permit.
1991-1992 we opened a branched at Lakeview Homes Subdivision, Muntinlupa which is operating up to present. We have more or less 400 (four hundred) students.


1. Improve the levels of aspirations of students in the cognitive, effective and manipulate skills.
2. Equip students with working knowledge, skills and attitudes, necessary for productive life.
3. Develop leadership potentials of students.
4. Develop desirable spiritual, economic and social values and positive work attitude.